Getting it done.

How to avoid overwhelm? The avalanche of ironing, financial statements that need sorting, a deadline looming for the short story I would really like to write ? I have lain awake recently feeling uneasy and not knowing exactly why. Even counting all the countries of the European Union – while we still have them- hasn’t put me over again. It’s the feeling of not getting it done, leaving too many loose trails.

So the answer is banal – make a list, tick the items off as they get done, reward for good behaviour.Stop dawdling and getting side tracked – lifting armfuls of laundry on my way to the bin, making another cup of tea before settling into the Irish Times, playing on Facebook before I finally update that database.

Start being mindful. It comes down to one word focus. What works for me is a time limit, just thirty minutes to tidy the study, one hour of ironing with only the radio for company, budget an hour for cooking if I have to follow a new recipe. Magpie mind that I am, distraction keeps boredom at bay but holds me back. This is my  first post. Let’s see where we go .